maxasaurus asked:

How is the new Dark Arisen game or whatever its called? I still haven't finished the first DD. I haven't played since I started school -- figured if I was gonna play one game every now and then during school it'd be Skyrim. I may do it up again over the summer, though. Should I restart if it's been a few months? Are you interested in going to Heroes Con this year?

It’s pretty awesome. I don’t know how much you know about it but it’s essentially a re-release of Dragon’s Dogma. Which works out pretty well for me since I sold my copy back to Gamestop a few months ago. There’s no way to purchase the extra content without also purchasing the rerelease. But it’s a reduced price of 40 dollars. It included ALL of the DLC that has already come out for Dragon’s Dogma plus all of the Dark Arisen content. Which is like, extra armor, weapons and high level skills. Also a new zone or area to the game called Bitterblack Isle. It’s more or less a massive dungeon crawl with tons of very hard monsters. I think like 15+ hours of extra content. Capcom suggests you be level 50 and expert in at least one class before starting any of the new content. There’s also a new SUPER HARD MODE for the game in its entirety and also a SPEED RUN which I have not checked out either. So, I don’t recommend restarting to get into the new content just because of the level requirements. If you’ve got a save file from the original game, you get a Eternal Ferrystone for fast traveling that never wears out, you also get 100,000 Rift Crystals which will help you get a pretty awesome party for the new content. IF I were you, I’d just buy Dark Arisen, customize the shit out of your main and your pawn, beat the game, and then start the new content.

I’m off for the weekend of HeroesCon so I’m sure I’ll end up going for at least a day. Do you plan to do the whole weekend?