ianbrooks asked:

Do you even believe that platypusseses exist? I partly expect the entire Internet to jump out of the closet one day and be like: "LOL APRIL FOOLS MOTHERFUCKER" and reveal that was just a huge joke this whole time to see if people would believe it because come on how is that thing real

I don’t know why the internet would be the one to give up on one of the world’s longest running jokes. I mean, I personally have known about platypuses a lot longer than I’ve known about the internet (ie. Prodigy and CompuServe).

If anything, some lonely old fart is gonna end up ordering a brand new edition of Encyclopedia Britannica off the home-shopping network or something. Then, after years of reading, they’ll finally get to the section on platypuses and it’s just gonna read:

Platypus (n): GOTCHA SUCKERS!

They probably won’t get the joke and then they’ll die alone.

The set of encyclopedias will just sit there, collecting dust, only to realize that they maybe waited just a little too long.