sojin’s 3rd anniversary message to fans.

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Random Update

Alright, so, Trials Fusion is pretty good. I was talking to maximilianyearsbc (I think) a few weeks ago about how cool it’d be if they came out with a modern version of Excite Bike and the track builder and all that shit and Trials Fusion is exactly that. It is AWESOME. The game keeps track of all your PSN (or Xbox Live) friends’ times and you can try and beat them. I love stuff like that. I pretty much devoted an hour this morning to beating as many of saveitforthebirdsx's best times as I could. 

I’ve been sitting here listening to The Get Up Kids thinking about how weird it is that with every year that passes, I relate more and more to their music (specifically The Guilt Show). That’s probably a bad thing, right? Who knows. 

Let’s see. Record Store Day is tomorrow so that’s what I’ll be doing tomorrow morning when I get off from work. Here’s a few of the records I’m gonna be on the look out for:

  • Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (Original Video Game Soundtrack by Anamanaguchi
  • Ain’t That Good New by Sam Cooke
  • The 1969 Singles by CCR
  • Just Like Heaven (side by side series) by The Cure/Dinosaur Jr
  • Death Cab For Cutie ft. The Magik*Magik Orchestra Live 2012
  • Fishbone
  • Ain’t It Fun by Paramore
  • Loaded by The Velvet Underground

I don’t really know if I’ll be able to find each one since some of them are very limited pressings but we’ll see. If I do find each of them, I’ll have to narrow my list down - I’m not looking to spend TOO much money. 

Anyways, hoping to get caught up on lots of reading this week. 

gotta get ready for work…

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I was gonna try and take a nap before work in an hour but I don’t want to go in all sleepy and shit so I’m just sitting here listening to music and refreshing my dashboard. Send me some asks if you want…

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Francis Alys - Sometimes Making Something Leads to Nothing (1997)

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